Power ECMAScripting

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Power ECMAScript demos

What is this section?

This section is the launch page for demonstrations of scripting described in this site. Just click on the demonstration of interest and you can access the relevant application.

The Farm Data Input application was developed using DScript™ the ECMAScript server side extension language. The Vanguard Studio was used to create a server side application that operates through the use of a browser presenting the users with a simple data input web form, all fields are required, the data is saved to a csv file "Farmdata.csv" and the user's input is acknowledged.

Please see "under preparation" section to find out what the next lesson, app and demo will be.

1  We are grateful to Navatec.com for providing free space and operational facilities for the demonstrations provided on this web site. This arrangement is sponsored by The George Boole Foundation Ltd's Decison Analysis Initiative 2010-2015. Navatec.com maintains server side ECMAScripting server facilities and was established in 2000 by SEEL-Systems Engineering Economics Lab to commercialise output from the Seel-Telesis Applied Research & Development Programme. Virtual Client Technology Components (VCTC) were the first output of this Programme. These were developed in 1999 to compensate for the limitations of browsers and to support server side ECMAScript applications using DScript. Navatec Voyager, the world's first Virtual Client, was built in 2000 using VCTC.

The Decision Analysis Initiative 2010-2015
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