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Resources in this library

This section is a resource library containing links to documents, example scripts, discussion points on scripting, links to relevant resources on the web and selected comments sent in by readers.
Documents,articles and reports concerning client side and core ECMAScript

The following books provide useful background on ECMAScript:

David Flanagan, "JavaScript - The Definitive Guide", O'Reilly, latest edition.
Douglas Crockford, "JavaScript - The Good Parts", O'Reilly, latest edition.

Documents, articles and reports concerning server side ECMAScript

Hector McNeill, "Where did ECMAScript come from?"

Hector McNeill, "Some aspects of Data Security"

In preparation...

Hector McNeill, "Developing mobile applications with DScript"; "DScript syntax and core ECMAScript"; "Scripting reality"; "Decision analysis"; "The future of decision analysis" (These briefs are parts of the Decision Analysis Initiative series, George Boole Foundation).

Documents, articles and reports concerning Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

The following books provide useful background on CSS:

Christopher Schmitt, "CSS - Cookbook", O'Reilly, latest edition.

An excellent online source of information, instruction as well as editing and testing utilities can be found at W3 Schools. To access click on the image on the right:

Documents, articles and reports concerning specific active server side CSS

Hector McNeill, ;"Extending CSS using Dynamic Style Objects" - in preparation

Hector McNeill, ;"NavaDB another member of the NoSQL family" - in preparation

Server side software & service providers ....

Vanguard Software CorporationVanguard - leading providers of server side software design & server IDEs (Vanguard System) ....

VMsVisual Model - providers of design, implementation & training services for online decision analysis systems ....

smaswStatsWare - leading providers of turnkey online statistical survey systems establishment & staff training ....

Example scripts

Example scripts will be presented in tutorials in the "Scripting" section. All demonstrations of scripts described will be presented in the Demonstrations section.

Forthcoming scripts areas include:

  • Dialogs
  • Variables
  • Reading & writing files
  • Integrated data stores - vdb
  • LODE - low overhead data exchange protocol
  • Working with file content
  • Lookup lists
  • Embedding ECMAScript
  • Web services
  • Databases & ODBC
Scripting discussion points

Some discussions on some finer points on scripting will be added here. This will include "tips" and techniques for gaining performace both in coding and in application speed/capacity.

Web resources

A list of useful web resources is in preparation.

Readership comments

Some comments by our readership (to be added)

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